Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Turkey established diplomatic relations with Slovenia in 1992 following its independence. The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey was opened in Ljubljana in 1993.

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Slovenia are based on mutual respect, understanding and friendship.

Slovenia, as EU and NATO member and having strong position in the region, has an important place in Turkey’s policy towards Central Europe and Balkans. Geographical proximity between the two countries presents opportunities for further improving our ties.

The political relations between the two countries have recorded a rapid progress since the establishment of diplomatic relations. The relations were raised to the level of “strategic partnership” with a document signed by the Presidents of both countries during their tenures as Prime Ministers in 2011. Furthermore, the momentum gained especially in the fields of economy, trade, transportation and tourism plays an important role in the cooperation process between Turkey and Slovenia leading to the enrichment of the content of our relations. Visa exemption for Slovenian passport holders in their touristic as well as commercial travels to Turkey has been implemented as of 25 August 2010.

On the other hand, Slovenia, due to her geographical location, is also important for our citizens living in other European countries and travelling to Turkey by road. The travelling of our citizens without facing any problem within the boundaries of Slovenia is among the priorities of this Embassy. In this respect, we would like to bring to the attention of our citizens that the use of auto stickers (vinjet) by vehicles and motorcycles travelling in Slovenian highways has become legal necessity since 1 July 2008 and non-compliance to this rule is subject to serious sanctions by the Slovenian authorities.

We firmly believe that the friendship and mutual understanding among Turkish and Slovenian people will be raised to the highest level through contributions of our citizens who have been living or doing business in Slovenia, thus acting as a bridge between two countries. We, as the members of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey are here to support you as well as to further the relations between Turkey and Slovenia.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I avail myself of this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all of you.

Esen Altuğ


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